Parents may go through a stage to make a choice between keeping their jobs or staying at home to take care of their children. A compromise between the two is crucial to children's growth. We help parents regain their self-satisfaction in work, secure their future work opportunities and allocate their time flexibly for works and families.

Parents Power established different projects such as scholarship, crowdfunding and education programs to help children broaden their horizons and pursue their dreams.


Family-Friendly Jobs

We work with companies to offer work-from-home and flexible jobs. We also provide childcare services, playgroup activities and tutorial lessons in workplaces.


We recognize and award those who are devoted to community services and environmental conservation through their work with Parents Power.

Support Imagination

We provide platforms for children to voice out their needs and display their creativity. We help them find resources and supports for their brilliant ideas.

Education Program

As part of Teng Hoi Conservation Organization, we help organize a game called “Carbon Trading Game” in different educational institutions to introduce the concepts of climate change and carbon emission.

Social Service

In collaboration with churches and companies, we organize family events and activities such as carnival, parenting seminars and lunch gatherings.


We provide participants with a well-rounded experience and focus on building our interns the sense of responsibility to society and care to the underprivileged.


We love to hear from you!

We value the diverse voices of our community that have continually provided us with energy and inspiration, which have bolstered our desire to further our work at Parents Power.